2020's 14th Annual High
Impact Performance Mopar
Auto Club (HIPO) MegaMeet
at the Strategic Air
Command/SAC & Aerospace
Museum's "High Impact at the
SAC" Car Show

October 3rd & 4th
2020 HIPO Trophies
Class 16, 1st Place
Award Winners, Pg3:  And finally, the big winners in the Categories of
Best of Show - 1975 to Present & 1974 or Older
Other Award Winners:    
Pg1     Pg2
Pictures are in the order of 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners from left to right.
Class 17, 1st Place
2020 - 14th Annual HIPO-SAC MegaMeet Links
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Show Cars:   
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Member's Cars:   Pg1
Trophies & Winners:   Pg1,   Pg2,   Pg3
Aircraft Highlights:  Pg1,  Pg2