Greetings to all!  Welcome to the picture review of the 14th Annual HIPO MegaMeet at the Strategic Air
Command & Aerospace Museum's "High Impact at the SAC" Car Show!  I apologize for the delay in
getting all the pictures identified, sorted, edited, labeled, and ready for posting.  But they have finally
been completed and now it's time to see the show!
Most people were greeted at the museum entrance by the SR-71
"Blackbird," one of the fastest planes in history, setting numerous records
during its 30+ years of service.
In heading down the stairs contestants and visitors saw displays from the
Speedway Museum in Lincoln, NE, who brought a racing Hemi Engine, a
dragster, and a 1973 Dodge Challenger Race Car.  This was also the HIPO
staging area for the awards ceremony, along with T-shirt and raffle ticket
sales.  Additionally, Steffy Auto Sales from Fremont, NE, provided some
new vehicles to check out.
On Sunday, HIPO members brought out the one-of-a-kind, hand-made
trophies for this year's event.  The unique Mopar pistol-grip shifter made
for a very special award for the show.
2020's 14th Annual High
Impact Performance Mopar
Auto Club (HIPO) MegaMeet
at the Strategic Air
Command/SAC & Aerospace
Museum's "High Impact at the
SAC" Car Show

October 3rd & 4th
2020 - 14th Annual HIPO-SAC MegaMeet Links
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