2020's 14th Annual High
Impact Performance Mopar
Auto Club (HIPO) MegaMeet
at the Strategic Air
Command/SAC & Aerospace
Museum's "High Impact at the
SAC" Car Show

October 3rd & 4th
Award Winners, Pg1:  Below are pictures of the HIPO trophies and the award
winners with their cars.   The order is how the awards were read off, with
Survivor/Work in Progress between the older and newer show cars.
Other Award Winners:    
Pg2     Pg3
Pictures are in the order of 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners from left to right.
2020 HIPO Trophies
Class 1, 1st Place
Class 2, 1st Place
Class 4, 1st Place
Class 5, 1st Place
Class 6, 1st Place
Class 14, 1st Place
Class 3, 1st Place
2020 - 14th Annual HIPO-SAC MegaMeet Links
Review/Fliers,   Sponsors,  Attrium/Entrance  
Show Cars:   
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Member's Cars:   Pg1
Trophies & Winners:   Pg1,   Pg2,   Pg3
Aircraft Highlights:  Pg1,  Pg2