1966 Dodge Coronet 440
Walt had an identical '66 Coronet 440 in his youth and longed to find another.  In 2001, he found it
on the Internet in Indiana.  After hearing the rumble of the 440 through the Flowmasters, it was back
to Nebraska for the Coronet.

Current stats are;
new 496 Stroker and the sweet sound of those Flowmasters!

Drivetrain includes a 727 Torqueflight with a shift kit and 3.55 gears in the rear.

Both Walt and Arnold have one thing in common....   
Both want more muscle!

Below is Walt's Coronet before
it was repainted with the stock Magnum 500 rims.
"Even Arnold doesn't have this much muscle!"
Check out the new paint, interior, wheels and tires.  New disc brakes were
also installed up front.  Walt even replaced all the original wiring.
This is one fine Coronet!
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