1968 Barracuda
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Since Ma Mopar didn't make this model, I felt somebody needed to build one.  So I decided
to create this 1 of 1 Custom Barracuda; which in reality is a 1 of none model.

This car started life as a plain Jane (no offense Jane) 318 automatic one wheel wonder
(open differential for you non-gear heads) i.e. only one wheels spins when you punch it.

Other than being a Mopar, about the only things this car had going for it was it being a
fastbak and not having any rust.  It was purchased new and lived it's life in Colorado until I
purchased it in '92.
And then the
metamorphosis began...
Bumper guards were painted
and installed with laser
engraved walnut pads.
Part of becoming a Custom
Barracuda meant the car
needed customized badging.
Then the stock hood
plates received a custom
paint job.
The back taillight panel gets
some custom paint and the
bumper is painted Panther
Now comes the fun part;
Detailing the engine
compartment and dropping in a
451 stroker with a 727 behind it!
A Be-Cool radiator with a
hand built aluminum
shroud was installed to
keep the big block cool.
Jet-Hot coated CPPA
headers get rid of the
fumes.  An yes, the
engine just begged for
the FM-3 paint.
Next came a hand built walnut
instrumental panel with digital
gauges and then a console with
radio and CD player, Cheetah gate
shifter, and power window
When the door panels were
reconditioned, hand made
walnut trim was added and
custom door handles were
built and installed.