1970 Barracuda
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I bought the car when I was still in high school for $700.  Even though it didn’t have a motor and school, I did
what I had to do.  The next weekend, I had the Barracuda up and running with a 318 engine and 727

After high school, the car sat for almost 10 years.  The car sat lonely and rarely touched for most of that
time.  The good thing is that it was in the desert Southwest, meaning rust was kept at bay by the hot, dry
Texas Sun.  

In 1999, I got to work on the lonely Barracuda.  A close friend of mine found and gave me a 340 high power
that had matching numbers to my Barracuda.  This was the catalyst that got me on the road to Cuda
recovery.  Of course this rebuild was not easy.  The engine had been sitting under a cover in the same yard
as the Barracuda.  The pistons were seized to the block.  It took 2 full days of hammer and chisel to get all
the cylinders cleared. The crank wasn’t anything to write home about either.  The engine was given life in
July 2000.  

Paint and body were next on the list.  Of course another military move was due by now so off to San
Antonio.  The hard part about this stage was finding decent parts.  Doors came from Washington State and
Arizona.  Right Fender came from a Ladies Plum Crazy Cuda who I met at a local show and shine.  Funny
story about this was I explained my plight that I couldn’t find a fender for less than $900, she said, “I just had
my fender replaced because it was hit.  If you want it you can have it”  I went to the body shop she used and
there it was.  Yeah, it had a dent….The size of a nickel.  Woo hoo!  As you can imagine, I had to convince
the body shop owner that I was for real.  

With the exception of Body, Paint, and Exhaust, I have done all the work myself.  

Still a work in progress…

Need the following:  Front Bumper, Door Panels, New Dash, Miscellaneous Rubber Parts, Disk Brakes
Dave’s 1970 Barracuda Fact Sheet

Purchase Date:   1984
Purchase Price:   $700
Purchased from:   El Paso, Texas
Engine:   340 HP Punched 40 over
Trans:   Hurst 4-Speed Trans
Differential:   Stock
Interior:   Charcoal grey
Exterior:   Atlantic Blue