Chip and Angie's
Barn fire on April
29th 2011
Tragedy can strike at any moment.  On April 29th 2011.  Chip and Angie lost their prized 1969 Charger R/T
440.  High winds and a worn electrical line sparked their storage building and fueled an intense inferno
that engulfed a new trailer containing their Charger.   The during and aftermath was the nightmare you
see below to not only their Charger but also a Boat a 40's Ford tractor and lots of farm equipment.  All of
us in the club are Heartsick over the devastation that happened.  Beyond the considerable amount of
Money invested, the years of work and sweat that was poured into this car deepens our sadness.  A
labor of love.  We are reminded that these are material things and we are thankful that Chip and Angie
were all unharmed during the fire.  It is true to say that we all love our cars, the develop personalities ,
they do live and breathe.  She had beautiful lines and curves.  She was a rumbling Behemoth that rattled
the windows in exuberant outbursts of acceleration.   The Charger loved to watch lesser cars tremble as
she pulled up to the light.  You could feel the joy in her as she let loose on a clear road.  She never
failed to put a smile on Chip and Angie's face.  

Let the pictures below serve as a tribute.  Another rare living piece of rolling art lost from the planet.  
The numbers get fewer and fewer which doubles our responsibility to protect these rare glimpses of
history. This Charger will never be forgotten.

Your Friends from the High Impact Performance Auto Club
Chip and Angie have been Mopar crazy for a long time and below was Chip's
pride and joy.  His 1969 Charger R/T was built for one purpose.  Besides a
real race car it had stunning good looks and a timeless shape.
Chip and Angie are currently working with State Farm Insurance and they have been
treated very well so far and hope to be back on their feet in the near future.