Mike's 1971
Plymouth Road Runner
Mike's 1971 Plymouth Road Runner
383 CI, 300 HP, 4-Speed
Purchased:  Sept 2011 after 1 year search
(Not the original engine or front bumper)
Holley 750 Dbl Pump Carb, Edelbrock Intake
Manifold, 8 3/4 3.23 Sure-Grip Rear End
(replacement), Factory Black w/ Orange
Insert Bucket Seats (replacement)
The horn was the first thing replaced.  
It baffles me why someone would  
install a standard horn instead of the
famous "Beep Beep" horn.
Carpeting was the next major project, including the installation of DuraMat lining for heat and noise reduction.  It really made a
significant improvement!
One of the top 5 things on my list when I bought the car was to replace the plain black bench seats (with missing headrests), with bucket seats.  I
eventually found some decent seats a guy had in a 1967 Chevy Nova set up for racing.  But the seats had a build tag indicating they were from a 1971
Dodge Charger (early).  Since my Road Runner was also a '71 early, I thought I had mad a great find!
It turned out no one makes foam replacements for 1971 Plymouth or Dodge early seats, as there were not enough of them.  They were a larger size than
the Mopar E Bodies, and different from the 1970 and 1972 B Bodies.  There was a lot less foam for the 71 B Earlies, so I had to carve up the seat back
foam on the 71 B Body Lates I purchased and widen the cut into the foam to fit the 2" wider seat back as well.  There was a LOT of leftover foam (4th
picture above).
During the entire time I was working the guys at Stitchin Auto Upholstery in Gretna.  They would not cut the foam, and I understood that, but after my
electric knife foam carving efforts they sure put everything back together GREAT!  They did a lot of extra work to get the orange inserts to tuck in well,
but I was extremely happy with the results!
Driving I-80 to Wisconsin
My entry in the 2013 HIPO Mopar
Show before I was a club member
A Thursday night car show at  
Steak-n-Lube in Council Bluffs
Hmm... what to do for the Haunted Garage Car Show at Don & Millie's?  Maybe a giant Jack-o-Lantern...  I need headlight covers, and eyes, a nose, teeth...
A good smile...
And I need a topping, like a big ol' stem...