1970 Charger R/T
This is Kurt's 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.  He bought it back in 1986 for a mer $250!  

It was all there except for the steering wheel which was replaced with a pair of
ViseGrips!  The motor was disassembled and in the trunk.  After several weeks of
mechanical work and a few coats of primer, she was back on the road again.

This Charger was his daily driver until 1999 when the rust began to take over.  Over
the process of several years, the trunk floor and rear quarters were replaced with
reproduction parts from Year One.

Thanks to eBay and numerous swap meets, he has aquired many NOS parts to help
bring this Charger back to it's original glory.

Check out the pictures at the bottom of this page from 1989 and 2005.  The 1989
picture shows how the Charger looked as a daily driver while I was in college.   The
2005 picture shows the Charger in primer with new rear quarter panels and a new
trunk floor.
The following are some highlights from the factory build
sheet that Kurt found under the rear seat of his Charger...

FC7 -  Plum Crazy paint
V1G - Gator Grain vinyl top (black)
V6X -  Longitudinal stripes (black)
M91 - Luggage rack
M25 - Wide Body Sill (under door) moulding
E86 -  440-4bbl HP
D32 -  Auto Trans
D53 -  8 3/4 rear axle with 3.23 gears
Gator Grain Vinyl Top
January 1989
June 2005
Longitudinal Stripes
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