Gary's 1970 Plymouth
I purchased my 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda new back in February of 1970 when I was a mechanic at Roger Otto
Motors in Glenwood IA.  In the early 80's I decided to keep it in my dad’s barn because no one would give me
anything for a trade in.  About 8 years ago, Dale Howard and I pulled it out of the barn just to get it running.

Well it went a little more than that as it got a rotisserie restoration.  I had it put back close to how I had it in late
1971 with the Cragar wheels.  Because I am old I had Vintage Air installed as I like comfort now.

Kevin Taylor Enterprises rebuild the engine.  It has a 340, bored 30, balanced, with a mild Howard roller cam,
and a Passion Performance 4-speed Overdrive transmission.  8-3/4” rear end with 3:55 Sure-Grip axle.

I installed a ECS Factory Exact exhaust system.

Firm Feel rebuild my power steering gear and Booster Dewey rebuild my brake power booster.  Dale Howard at
Mile Hill Classic Auto Sales did the body work, painting and interior restoration.

The seat interior, dash, and headliner are all new but all the panels are original as are door handles and
steering wheel.  Kick panels are new.  I did install a retro AM/FM radio.

This car was in our wedding pictures some 46 years ago as of August 21st.

I still have the original window sticker, build papers under the seat, and the original bill of sale.