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Updated: Apr 11, 2017
3.55 Sure-Grip 8 3/4 third
member for a 69 Super Bee

Contact Andy at 402-650-2168
70's Plymouth white
buddy seat.  Workable
but old.

Bernie 402-659-1118
'71 Cuda Luggage Rack
Used good shape,
rechrome for show.  
All parts seem to be

Bernie 402-659-1118
'69 Plymouth Satellite
front bumper.  Good
shape, has

Bernie 402-659-1118
'69 Plymouth Road
Runner black door
panels.  Were on a '69
1/2 A12 car.

Bernie 402-659-1118
'65 Plymouth Belvedere II 361 V8 2bbl.  
Complete, breather too.  Has 74K miles and
ran great.  Swapped out for a wedge motor.

$2000.00 obo        Bernie 402-659-1118
1963 Chrysler Imperial
4 door car. For parts or to restore. Was
believed to be driven by Lyndon B
Johnson. Supposedly on the LBJ ranch
the day Kennedy was assasinated. 413
V8 automatic. Texas car. I've had it over
14 years now and am never going to
restore. So it's now for sale. Needs a
LOT of work. Did run when parked but
now??? Have title. $2000.00 obo

Bernie 402-659-1118