Class 1, 1st Place
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2019 HIPO
May 18, 2019
Class 2, 1st Place
Class 4, 1st Place
Class 5, 1st Place
Class 6, 1st Place
Trophy Winners, Pg 1:  Below are the "best guess" at trophy winners and their
cars.  Our registration pictures do not clearly show many of the drivers, so there is
some guess work involved.  There were also a few questions on the cars, but most
appear to be right.  If you see an error, "Contact Us" from the selection above.  
The order is how the awards were read off, with Survivor, Work in Progress, & Hot
Rods between the older and newer show cars.
Pictures are in the order of 3rd, 2nd, and 1st from left to right.
Class 17, 1st Place
Class 18, 1st Place
2019 HIPO Trophies
2019 - 13th Annual HIPO MegaMeet - Links
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Don & Millie's Meet-n-Greet
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