HIPO 2018 Holiday Party
This year the HIPO Mopar Auto Club again planned our holiday party around the Barrett-Jackson
Scottsdale auction to watch and to have raffles guessing the final bids on great Mopars, and had
the dinner at the Millard Roadhouse.  
Additionally, there was an "Ugly Sweater" contest and a White Elephant Gift Exchange among the
Throughout the evening the HIPO group kept an eye on the Barrett-Jackson Auction on TV.  The
HIPO Auction Raffle focus was on two very nice vehicles; the first being a numbers-matching
Rallye Red 1970 Hemi 'Cuda automatic, fully restored, with just over 7,000 miles on it.  The other
was a Lemon Twist 1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird that was also numbers-matching.  

Both the auctioned Mopars went for a LOT LESS than most people expected (~$250K).  Wade
won for the 'Cuda with the lowest bid but was still over the final price.  Larry's wife Marilyn won the
same way on the bid for the Superbird.
The members gather, the White Elephant Gifts are laid out, and the game is on!
Some of the picks are good, some are interesting, and a few are "different"...
...and then there are the steals!  The Mopar Elephant was VERY popular!