Last Viper to roll off the
Assemby line at the Connor
Avenue Assembly Plant
July 1, 2010
Here are some highlights from the July 1st tour of CAAP and the Chrysler museum.  
The tour started off with an outdoor gathering of nearly 400 VCA members and several
former employees of Chrysler and the original designers of the Dodge Viper.  Dodge
supplied everyone a T-shirt and hat commemorating the event.  There were so many
people with a passion for the car at the event and all were itching to get inside the plant
to witness a part of Viper history.  After meeting everyone a group photo was taken
outside and then the door opened to the plant and we all rushed to the end of the line
to witness the last GEN IV Viper to roll off the line.
Once inside the flashes of cameras were everywhere and the Last Viper was not a
dissapontment for everyone that attended.  D'ann Rauh from Texas is the lucjy
owner of the car and was instrumental in it's design and color scheme.  By the end
of the year D'ann and her husband will own over 50 Vipers in thier collection (WOW).
Highlights of the car are the paint work which includes a one of a kind Gold,
Copper striped with Black outlines.  A faded Snakeskin pattern in the stripes
along with outlines of several tracks that the Dodge Vipers are known to
frequent.  Dark Charcoal painted rims with Gold calipers and A Cognac, off white
black and Gold interior.
Here are a few examples from the Chrysler museum after the CAAP event was
over.  The very first Viper prototype with a V8 is the white car.  The Red car is the
test mule that the 1992 Viper was derived from.  The outside cars include the 1:33
Laguna Seca record breaking 2010 and the "RING" track record car.  The
Tomahawk prototype motorcycle was a sight to see.