Viper Owners Invitational 11 at
Salt Lake City, Utah Sept 30th
thru Oct 4th.
If you have ever seen a Viper on the road it lights you up when you see one of these rare
Beasts.  How about seeing 400 of them along with 800 crazy Viper fanatics all in one place
sharing their passion for the car.  Salt Lake City was about the best time these folks had in
one long weekend.  Everyone descended to the Grand America Hotel as the sponsoring
Hotel and a place to call home and meet with everyone.  All the cars were safely tucked away
on the 2nd floor with security watching their every moves.
Above pics are from the Hotel, Underground parking, ACRX's at Miller Motorsports
and the Color swatches for the 2013 Viper that was unveiled at the Dodge dinner
on Saturday night.
The Pics from above are from Miller Motorsports race track with the World Challenge Series
and several Comp Coupes.  Congratulations to Bob Woodhouse's team for finishing 1st
and 4th in the race.  Jon B also had his Orange ACR Pace car at the event.  On the trip home
from the track are 2 Street Replica World Challenge cars.