2009 Challenger Drag
Pack Car
Here is # 50/100 of Dodge's Special race prepped Dodge Challenger Drag
Pack specials.  This particular car will be left as is and someday sold at the
Barrett Jackson auction.  The car is located in Omaha, NE.  Here are some of
the highlights of the car:

What the car is equipped with

6.1L Hemi engine with High rise manifold and ram air box the meets the Super
stock hood.
Viper Drivers and Passenger seats
lightweight fiberglass hood held on with hood pins
Center console prepped with toggle switches for racing
Carpeted floor and headliner
R/T door panels
Factory glass all the way around but not permanently set in place
All wire hareness's are in boxes and not installed
Deep reservoir Moroso oil pan

What the car is not equipped with

No transmission
No driveshaft
No rear axle
No rear seats
No engine accessories
No battery
No brakes
No console or shifter
No exhaust manifolds or mufflers
No gas tank or filler neck
No Safety accessories(cage, harness, fire supression, frame bracing)
No ignition or keys

This is truly a race car for the experienced driver wanting a project to suit his or
her needs for a non street legal drag car.