Welcome to the premier Mopar Club in eastern
Nebraska and western Iowa!

We are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Chrysler-built muscle
cars and special interest vehicles.   If you own one of these high performance
Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth vehicles built between 1964 and 1974, then this
club is for you!  

We also encourage the owners of high performance, special interest Chrysler
vehicles built before 1964 and after 1974 to join as well.

Want to find out more?  Watch for updates for our quarterly Meet-n-Greet
location.  Click on the 'Contact Us' button above to request additional
information.  We look forward to meeting our fellow Mopar enthusiasts!  
Why 'High Impact'?

In 1969, Chrysler's Marketing Department
came up with a series of names for each of
the 'High Impact' colors they offered their
customers.  Dodge and Plymouth each had
their own brand names.  Check out the table
above for some of the wild names given to
these high impact colors.
  Plum Crazy
  Go Mango
Vitamin C
Lime Light
  Top Banana
Lemon Twist
  Panther Pink
Moulin Rouge
  Hemi Orange
Tor - Red
  Green Go
Sassy Grass
  Bahama Yellow
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Last updated: Oct 8, 2018
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Added Meeting Minutes for July, August & September 2018

Added a link to YouTube videographer Steve Spitznagel's "Yourpar" Channel and the HIPO Club

Updated 2018 Activities Calendar

The 2018 HIPO MegaMeet pictures and information are posted!
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On June 5th, Keith Spitznagel, a videographer
with a YouTube channel called "Yourpar," with
stories and interviews of Mopars, their
owners, and fans, came to Omaha to interview
members of our HIPO Club.  Here is the link to
his video:  
Episode 12, High Impact Car Club

Here is a note on the episode:  While on a trip for my actual job I met
up with the High Impact Performance MOPAR Club in Omaha
Nebraska. Several members of the club were willing to meet me
and show off their cars. This is the longest episode so far but is full
of cool cars and great people. Also a huge thanks to Bernie for
hosting us at his business Superior Auto Sales of Omaha.